Move Administer

Source recording can be analysed to show which sources are bring in the best revenues, and a quick and easy appointment diary helps to group appointments by area. Confirmation can be sent via email and/or SMS, with reminders sent via SMS. Destination addresses can be prospected immediately for potential business. Prospect addresses can also be imported from a variety of sources, such as For Sale Sign Analysis & TwentyCI, and can be exported to UK Mail Digital (imail).

A full breakdown of costs for moves and optional extras can be calculated on quotations. Recommended margins can also be provided using our Seasonal Planner, ideal for keeping prices to a premium during busy periods. An event diary provides resource allocation of vehicles and crew, and paperwork can be printed on mass for the chosen day.

A complete sales ledger allows every day accounting functionality without the requirement of a third-part accountancy package. Direct Debits and Standing Order Mandates are available, making the collection of receipts more manageable.

Storage invoices are batch generated for print or email on a periodic basis, and during production accompanying statements can also be generated. Fully managed container utilisation ensures that no occupied container can be allocated to another customer.

A history of letter, email and SMS correspondence is fully maintained. All documentation can be attached to emails and is merged with your corporate identity, keeping the importance of brand identity at the forefront.

A wide variety of enquiry, sales, operational, financial and management reports are provided. Data can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel for data manipulation. Accounts information can be exported to Sage for full accounting management within your organisation.

Move Administer is designed with the continued help and guidance of several members of the British Association of Removers.

Below are additional modules that can be added to Move Administer as your company grows into new areas of business.

Archive Administer

Archive Administer is a low-cost solution to complete Archive/Records Management, cataloguing information on items and contents (if required) in one central location.

Warehouse retrieval and returns dockets assist in locating and returning items within your facility.

Commercial Administer

Commercial Administer allows the generation of quotations for commercial relocations, with a real emphasis on risk assessment.

Full costing of daily events provides you with a picture of the true costs involved, from labour to vehicles and materials to equipment.

Crate Administer

Crate Administer is your perfect solution for crate management. Not only will it manage rental activity but it also manages the time-consuming task of invoicing.

Track the delivery and collection of crates by the simple production of Crate Dockets, which tell the driver how many of each type to deliver and/or collect.

Self Storage Administer

Self Storage Administer manages your self storage facility, from unit occupancy to monthly invoicing. Self Storage Administer can tell you instantly the availability of units within your facility, as well as client details of occupied units.

A link to PTI Security is also available.

Shipping Administer

Shipping Administer produces European, International and Trade Quotations, allowing the construction of Consignments, which can produce a variety of shipping documentation, from CMR forms for European moves and Bill of Lading to Certificate of Shipments for International moves.

Survey Administer

Survey Administer is the innovative way to gather information at the time of survey by building a partial or full inventory of items on a room by room basis, providing the item condition, damage and packing details.

Developed for Windows Tablet devices.